Welcome to a glimpse of my journey!

Hi! I am a Psychic Medium. I remember having my gifts since about the age of 4; I can connect with spirit, sometimes in odd ways, and have used my ability to offer spiritual services to others helping them heal and connect themselves.  I am on my own spiritual journey as well, because let's be honest, that shit never ends! I have stories to share, as we all do, so as something to help clear, focus and balance my throat chakra, there will be a blog beginning very soon on this page as well! I'm all for the love and light, but also truth of the dark side and shadow work. I believe that balance, moderation and energy are a part of  everything. On my pages you will find both the spiritual inspiration, probably some offensive humor and some hard truths. My pages are a pretty accurate representation of my personality and life experiences that I hope will benefit others who come across them.

 Thanks for visiting! Site is still in construction.