Hi! Welcome to a glimpse of my journey. I have stories…as we all do. Thank goodness for the internet because if not, this introvert would be very lonely! I’m all for the love and light, but also truth of the dark side and shadow work. I believe in Balance. Moderation, and energy is everything. On my pages you will find both the spiritual inspiration and probably some offensive humor that you know you giggled at. If you didn’t I won’t apologize. i swear no harm was meant and  I quit worrying about that. My pages are a pretty accurate representation of my personality or life. There are unfollow buttons. 🙂 


Now that we have that out of the way, I do connect with spirit, in sometimes odd ways, lol, and offer spiritual services to help others heal and connect themselves. I do consider myself a Psychic Medium since around the age of 4 from memory. I continue on my spiritual journey as well, cause let’s be honest, that shit never ends!  There will also be a blog beginning very soon as this will be a focus point for me to clear my throat chakra. 


 Thanks for visiting! Site is still in construction.