Meditation.Yoga.Gratitude journal.Grounding. Smudging. Honey this is your path. You make the rules. Don’t realize you aren’t going by “the book” keep you from progressing as a beautiful spiritual human being in the earthly realm. Do not give up. Find your way, do your best to cut out the toxicity in your life. Recognize and give yourself credit. You need no ones approval and hold so much power to manifest exactly what you want. There will be bad days . There wil be good days. Such is life, such is balance. It’s not good vibes only. We keep it real here, and if you need me for guidance , a reading, healing , or even to vent, I’m here for you. Message me on Facebook, Instagram or even Whats App. I let the Universe work her magic and am blessed with every soul that crosses my path. Even the ones that remind me how not to be. I feel honored to be able to help others. The goal is to not need me. ? Healers teach you to he yourself. Hope to chat with you soon. ?????