Readings, readings everywhere!! There are lots of lightworkers, spiritual advisors, tarot readers, mediums etc.out there. Which is a great thing, people are becoming more spiritual as a collective. Do your research, protect yourself. There are dishonest people everywhere. I do believe the scales haven’t tipped yet, and that there are more good people than bad, it’s best to be smart and cautious.  You allow this person into your space and energy. Be choosy, people come into our lives for a reason. every single one.

  Below are the services that I currently offer.


TAROT INTUITIVE READING – These readings are done via messenger or text. It is interactive in that I send picture of cards and we discuss. Full readings which last about an hour are 6 cards on average and can cover a couple questions/focus. Mini readings are about 15-20 minutes and are generally better for one subject/question. These are done for more of a past/present/future focus and do not typically cover mediumship.



RELATIONSHIP READING – These readings are completely relationship based with at least 6 cards and last an hour. Also done via messenger or text. Focus can include you and you partner(s) or be a general romantic future. 

                                                                                        RELATIONSHIP READING – $45.00 USD


MEDIUMSHIP READING – These readings connect with your past loved ones or any spirit in your energy or home. These are also done via messenger and are interactive. Cards can be used but not the focus of the information received. I am blessed to see visions in my head (no other way to explain it) This can be an object like a blue truck or flowered quilt that provides confirmation. I also “hear” messages that aren’t actually audible but are just “there”. These are very fragile readings and can take a lot of me and you. Extra water during reading is recommended

                                                                                     MEDIUMSHIP READING – $85.00 USD


ENERGY/SPELLWORK – I am yes, a practicing Witch. My energy and spellwork  are very personal and precious things to me. I’m also have morals and values. Although I am not Wiccan or follow the 3 fold law, I do believe in energy and karma. Balance is kept one way or another. any spellwork is determined on a case by case basis and price determined then.


ENERGY READING – This is a basic 2 card reading that checks in on how you’re feeling, your energy and chakras and I let you know what you need to do or provide recommendations on how to improve on meditation and such.

                                                                                ENERGY READING – $22.00 USD



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****  I am not a doctor, lawyer or licensed therapist. Services are not meant to replace professional help and are for entertainment purposes only.